Saturday, 26 February 2011

cck11 diigo and collaborative bookmarking/tagging sites

I would love to hear about peoples' experiences and tips for using sites like Diigo and Connotea.
They seem to me a very valuable way of cataloguing and archiving the internet information deluge.
I have only just started experimenting with them, but I feel I am nowhere near exploiting their potential.
How participatory do you find the experience of being in a Diigo group for example - or is it the case that it is as particpatory as you make it/wish it to be?

With regards to participation, I posted a reply to Connectiv about his post and some of the FB comments regarding blogs as  just a way of shouting into the echochamber.

To sum up, I guess it's up to the participants how participatory they want to be on one another's blogs.
Personally I appreciate having a bit of time and space for reflection before posting answers. Conversations can be asynchronous.


  1. Stalinetta, I do use delicious, it is still with us (rumours went, it was disappearing.) just to store url's for projects like cck11. I like the tagging and commenting possibilities. Using delicious I share my url's, but I seldom search in delicious for url's of other people. I cannot fin my way in Diigo.
    regards Jaap

  2. Stalinetta
    Rumours were that Delicious was to disappear, then have ownership transferred, so just to be sure I imported all my delicious links to Diigo.(it's easy) With Diigo one has the option to not only bookmark sites but to add sticky comments and use a highlighter. This is not only great for individual use, but it's interesting to see annotations by group members on a particular site. I would suggest using a few succinct tags rather than millions as it's easier to locate sites once you have a multitude of them